Thoughts Over Coffee

Last fall, my older sister and I were talking over warm cups of coffee about the idea of a charity for children because I had read an article about how there are over 100 homeless and distressed kids just here in Loveland, CO alone. It got me thinking of my little sister who had passed away and how, at only 10 years old, had such compassion for other kids who had less.

My sister Julia and I started meeting at Starbucks with our Dad and putting together the beginning ideas for our charity. We met twice a week at 7 a.m. to go over what we had accomplished on getting this wonderful charitable organization set up. It was a lot of brainstorming and doing and re-doing. Sometimes it even felt like we were in over our heads with how much possibility for charity work there is out there. But, thanks to our Dad and his persistence and business skills, we were able to make headway enough to realize that this dream could come true. We can’t forget a shout out to Starbucks for making all this possible for us! Their coffee kept us going and gave us something to look forward to when it all seemed like too much.

In the end, the motivating factor was the exciting thought of being able to put huge smiles on the faces of so many precious underprivileged and forgotten children who needed our help. We are super excited to help many children in need and create brighter futures for them.

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