Our Mission

To secure low-cost veterinary services for stray, outdoor, and farm cats and their caretakers. To help people live with these cats in their communities and to teach people how to care for these cats for the span of their lives. 


Tip Me Frederick, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Your contributions help us provide low to no cost spay/neuter, vaccines and vet care to stray, outdoor and farm cats in the Frederick County MD area. Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Why "Tip Me Frederick"?

Tip Me Frederick derives it’s name from the process of ear-tipping an outdoor cat. This means that the top 1/8″ of the cat’s left ear has been surgically removed. This is a national symbol; quickly becoming an international symbol, that alerts people that a cat has been altered and received its vaccinations. These cats have a “colony caretaker” who loves them and manages their ongoing daily needs. Tip Me Frederick was founded to help these caretakers find the resources they need to do just that.

How We Help

We will help individuals learn how to manage a colony of outdoor cats; including how provide food, water and shelter. We will give ongoing support for updating vaccines and other medical care your cats may require. We work with other area rescues to help you find adoption services for friendly lost or abandoned cats and kittens. We can also teach you to tame outdoor kittens if you’d like to find adoption services for them.

We can provide help and support in re-homing by working with farms and businesses; showing them the advantages of keeping outdoor colony cats. Remember, re-homing is always the last option for cats or colonies, and finding the right placement may take a long time. Re-homing is also an arduous task and requires weeks of confinement to prepare the cats for their new environment. It is always best if the cats can stay where they are, as that is their home. We will provide help and support in speaking with neighbors, management and others to encourage them to allow cats to stay where they are, with a dedicated caretaker.

Our team

Babs Wratten


Babs Wratten, has grown up with all kinds of animals, but has a real soft spot for community and farm cats. She lives with her husband, Mark, and four cats. She traps, drives clinics, educates people on outdoor cat care and fosters on occasion.

Angela Brittain​

Treasurer and Public Relations

Angela has been involved in TNR since the early 90s in Washington DC and Northern Virginia. She lives with her husband and has two children, Jimmy (more of a dog person) and Jayden (certified cat person!) and her three cats and dog, Dixie. She spends her time between TMF and volunteering for her church and several other nonprofit organizations.

Sasha Czeh​


Sasha Czeh has enjoyed volunteering with shelters and rescues from a young age, but loves TNR best because it actually prevents homeless animals and overcrowded shelters. She lives with her husband Tony, son Noah, and their cats.

Barbara Baldwin​

Board Member

Barbara has more than 35 years of experience in both the financial services industry and in cat rescue, both in the US and internationally. She has experience in fundraising for non-profits. She shares her home with three permanent feline family members and a rotating host of foster cats.